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I am a Chicago-based marketer who loves to build high-converting marketing funnels. Click below to see how I can help your business šŸ‘‡

AI-Driven Marketing: Starter Guide

AIĀ can easily be implemented at any level of marketing. This FREE guide gives you an easy roadmap to launch your AIĀ marketing plan.
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Mark Fleming guide to AI-driven Marketing


Dive into my foundational articles that guide you on building your company's marketing initiative the right way.

How to Build A Digital Marketing Engine

Rev up your marketing engines and transform anomyous people into loyal, VIP customers with this framework.

No B.S. Guide to Data Analysis in Marketing

Unlock the full potential of your marketing strategies by diving into our comprehensive guide on data analysis in marketing.

Is Content Marketing an Art or a Science?

Boost your company's ROI by striking the perfect harmony of creativity and science in your content strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Mark Fleming?
Mark Fleming is a marketing professional who currently works as the Marketing Director for Market Rebellion. With 10+ years experience in strategic marketing leadership, data-driven tactics, and cost-effective campaign development, Mark has played a key role in the growth and success of various startups and professional services firms.
What type of marketing does Mark Fleming specialize in?
Mark Fleming specializes in the following areas of marketing: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Data Analysis & Reporting, Business Development, Demand Generation, and Project Management.

To see Mark's full bio, please visit his Linkedin page.
Where can I get more content from Mark Fleming?
The best way to get content from Mark Fleming is to subscribe for his AI-Driven Marketing e-book. By requesting this FREE guide, you will also be subscribed to his mailing list. Don't worry, you will only receive emails when he launches new content (1-2 emails annually).

Mark is also active on Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.
How do I contact Mark Fleming?
To contact Mark Fleming, direct message him on his Linkedin page.